We have a long history and expertise in recognising R&D in all shapes and forms, across a wide range of business sectors. We have worked with clients across the globe in Research and Development, and work with clients internationally for R&D tax credit claims.

With PhD-level educated research specialists that work with you on identifying and getting the largest benefit for your claim.

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As former President of the Cannock Chase Chamber of Commerce, and nearly 30 years experience building his own business in Electrical Testing and Compliance, Martyn is key to our business development. Having made claims in his own business, and successfully referred a wide number of clients, he brings a broad understanding of the variety of where R&D can be found in a Company. 

Martyn brings a wealth of experience to the businesses he works with, and if there is potentially compliant R&D taking place at your business then get in touch!

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Nicole is motivated problem solver. As a former sporting world champion, she is goal-driven and brings a genuine team player attitude towards the business. Nicole is a Business Development Manager that thinks outside the box, and brings the R&D services into new and exciting sectors.

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Vicci Jones

Vicci manages the technical team workflow and is the key claims manager within the business. She has vast experience in this sector and has played an essential role in literally 100’s of successful R&D claims.

With a keen sense of quality control of the process, she monitors compliance, editing and sense checking all claims prior to submission. She then follows the tax credit through to a payment from respective government agencies, while making sure the whole team deliver a quality client experience. Through her dedication and commitment, she naturally gains respect from both clients and staff alike and people find her very easy to work with.

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Dr. Philip Hexley

Leading the technical team, Phil maintains the knowledge gathering and reporting process to confirm scheme eligibility, as well as financial and technical compliance. With a PhD in Biology and an academic history, he has a wealth of experience globally, having worked and supported many multinational companies in basic and applied research and development.

Overseeing the R&D process and technical team, Phil works with clients and communicates with government agencies to ensure the work produced meets the rigorous standards and requirements from Government agencies to justify a compliant R&D claim.

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Identifying R&D opportunities and inventive, innovative activities that result in patents, intellectual property rights or licences in the UK and internationally.

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