Look Who’s Claiming

If you are spending money on research and development then you could be claiming a tax relief and even cash back.

It’s not just people in laboratories that do R&D, many every day businesses are doing some level of qualifying R&D activity without even realising. Take a look at the spectrum of businesses claiming, and a small list of examples that indicate you’re doing qualifying R&D activity:

Construction and Engineering

Modifying components for custom projects; iterative CAD drawings; prototype and jig development; using novel building materials in custom structures.

Agriculture and Food Manufacturing

Growing trials; novel recipe development; modifying equipment or developing new machinery; testing and integrating new applications of renewable technologies.

IT and Software Development

Bespoke CRM development; custom coding solutions for software integration and/or improving legacy systems; modifying software for novel applications.

Transport and Automotive

Developing fulfilment efficiency software; creating novel road resurfacing formulations; developing and testing new haulage solutions or products.

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing

Novel energy recapture technology integration; surveying and development of bespoke client solutions; custom air handling or cooling system development.

Events and

Developing novel Augmented/Virtual Reality solutions to recreate an event impacted by Covid; develop custom software integration for interactive events stands.

And so many more…

Modifying and testing products to meet new regulations; changing a process in an attempt to improve efficiency or reduce material costs; modify existing technologies for an application it was never originally developed for…

Find out if you qualify and how we can help you claim

Identifying R&D opportunities and inventive, innovative activities that result in patents, intellectual property rights or licences in the UK and internationally.